The refiring of the hearth will happen this Saturday, Oct. 1 at Anthropology in Practice.

Please send interesting anthropology posts to this address. Feel free to submit both your own work as well as that of others.

Hope to see you around the hearth soon ... we'll have marshmallows.
Unfortunately, the Hearth has gone out. But perhaps there is still a chance to rekindle the fire. I'd like to rally the community to see if we can relaunch Four Stone Hearth, but it will be necessary to institute some changes -- not many, but hopefully enough to breathe some life into this venture:
  • Monthly schedule: Like many of the other blog carnivals, Four Stone Hearth will now be a monthly feature instead of a bi-weekly entity.
  • will serve as the hub for discussion: CFPs will be announced here and we will link back to the host with a teaser.
  • The RSS feed will let you easily subscribe to this page so that you can be remotely notified of upcoming carnivals.
  • Readers can also follow FSH on Twitter @FourStoneHearth.
I propose we plan to re-launch the blog carnival on Oct 1. Any volunteers for the spot? Or the ones beyond it?

I'd also like to consider rebranding, which means a new banner. If someone would like to offer their services, please contact us.