Unfortunately, the Hearth has gone out. But perhaps there is still a chance to rekindle the fire. I'd like to rally the community to see if we can relaunch Four Stone Hearth, but it will be necessary to institute some changes -- not many, but hopefully enough to breathe some life into this venture:
  • Monthly schedule: Like many of the other blog carnivals, Four Stone Hearth will now be a monthly feature instead of a bi-weekly entity.
  • FourStoneHearth.weebly.com will serve as the hub for discussion: CFPs will be announced here and we will link back to the host with a teaser.
  • The RSS feed will let you easily subscribe to this page so that you can be remotely notified of upcoming carnivals.
  • Readers can also follow FSH on Twitter @FourStoneHearth.
I propose we plan to re-launch the blog carnival on Oct 1. Any volunteers for the spot? Or the ones beyond it?

I'd also like to consider rebranding, which means a new banner. If someone would like to offer their services, please contact us.




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