The Hearth isn't just flickering - the fire is out. As much as it pains me, I have to admit that I just don't have the time to run the Hearth, and it is time to pass the flint and tinder to someone else. 

What Would You Have to Do?
  • Serve as administrator for the carnival, which means soliciting hosts, promoting the carnival, and maintaining the Weebly site.
  • Manage the FSH email account.
  • Manage the FSH Twitter account.

We've already made some great strides in moving the Carnival to a blog with a feed and reconfiguring the posting schedule. But we need someone to take up the day-to-day administrative duties. If you're interested, please send an email to comments [at] and answer the following questions:
  1. Why would you want to administer the Hearth?
  2. What function do you think the Hearth serves to the anthropology community (if any)?
  3. What is one idea you have for making the Hearth more appealing to participants?

Please submit applications by January 31, 2012.

Krystal D'Costa hosts the hearth's refiring at Anthropology in Practice:

Four Stone Hearth is the anthropology blog carnival. It owes its origin to Martin Rundkvist of Aardvarchaeology, who administered the site for four years before passing the torch to Afarensis. The Hominin requested a temporary host a few months ago while he dealt with some health problems, and I volunteered—and the job sort of stuck.

But the carnival has sort of languished recently. Interest has been low despite a few recent rallying attempts, and after polling the anthropology community, some changes were made to make the carnival a bit more media friendly:
Will it be enough? Time will tell. We may have to close up shop on this endeavor for good depending on interest over the next few months. We need hosts for November and December (and beyond). If you're interested, please drop me a line using this page. The process is a simple one. You contact me for hosting duties, a CFP gets posted on the website, you collect submissions (or select notable posts from around the web), and you write a post linking to the writing you'd like to share. You can be as creative or as straightforward as you would like to be. Simple right? But it only works if the anthropology community is interested ...

In the meantime, here is a look at new and recent discussions in anthropology around the web [Read more]

To volunteer for hosting duties, please contact us.
The refiring of the hearth will happen this Saturday, Oct. 1 at Anthropology in Practice.

Please send interesting anthropology posts to this address. Feel free to submit both your own work as well as that of others.

Hope to see you around the hearth soon ... we'll have marshmallows.
Unfortunately, the Hearth has gone out. But perhaps there is still a chance to rekindle the fire. I'd like to rally the community to see if we can relaunch Four Stone Hearth, but it will be necessary to institute some changes -- not many, but hopefully enough to breathe some life into this venture:
  • Monthly schedule: Like many of the other blog carnivals, Four Stone Hearth will now be a monthly feature instead of a bi-weekly entity.
  • will serve as the hub for discussion: CFPs will be announced here and we will link back to the host with a teaser.
  • The RSS feed will let you easily subscribe to this page so that you can be remotely notified of upcoming carnivals.
  • Readers can also follow FSH on Twitter @FourStoneHearth.
I propose we plan to re-launch the blog carnival on Oct 1. Any volunteers for the spot? Or the ones beyond it?

I'd also like to consider rebranding, which means a new banner. If someone would like to offer their services, please contact us.


Sam Wise of Sorting Out Science is hosting the 120th edition of the anthropology blog carnival. Why not take your morning coffee/tea/whiskey over there for a quick perusal?

Thanks for hosting, Sam! We're in need of future hosts, so contact us if you're interested.
The next edition of the carnival will be hosted by Sam Wise at Sorting Out Science on June 22nd. 

Please send him your submissions!

And We Are Live!


Welcome to the new home of the Four Stone Hearth!

As the web hosting for the existing site was set to expire, it seemed like the right time to move the carnival to a blog setting, where we'll be able to easily implement some of the features you requested in our call for suggestions, such as an RSS Feed.

Afarensis and Krystal D'Costa will be co-administrating the carnival going forward. Please bear with us while we get the house in order, but feel free to make yourself at home. We'd love to hear your suggestions as well.