Fourth Stone Hearth is the blog carnival that specializes in anthropology in the widest (American) sense of that word. Here, anthropology is the study of humankind, throughout all times and places, focusing primarily on four lines of research:

  • archaeology - the study of the material traces of humankind's past
  • socio-cultural anthropology - the study of humankind's cultural or social variability
  • bio-physical anthropology - the study of humankind's biological variability through time and across geography
  • linguistic anthropology - the study of humankind's languages

Each one of these sub-fields is a stone in our hearth.

Four Stone Hearth is published monthly, on the first of the month. If you would like to host the carnival, please us the form on the Contact Us tab

If you would like to submit content to the next issue of the carnival, please write to the keeper of the blog in question or use the Contact Us tab. You are encouraged to submit other bloggers' work as well as your own.

How does the carnival work?

It's simple! Drop us a line letting us know what date you would like to to host. Three to four days before that date we will post a call for submissions. As we get submissions we will send you the links. In the meantime, feel free to scour your blogroll for posts that you feel are worthy of inclusion. You can accept or reject any submission - it's totally up to your discretion. On the the day of the carnival you write a post linking to the submissions, you can simply provide the links, write a short description of the post you are linking to, or even be more creative. Once your post is up we will make an announcement that the current edition is up.