Sam Wise of Sorting Out Science is hosting the 120th edition of the anthropology blog carnival. Why not take your morning coffee/tea/whiskey over there for a quick perusal?

Thanks for hosting, Sam! We're in need of future hosts, so contact us if you're interested.
The next edition of the carnival will be hosted by Sam Wise at Sorting Out Science on June 22nd. 

Please send him your submissions!

And We Are Live!


Welcome to the new home of the Four Stone Hearth!

As the web hosting for the existing site was set to expire, it seemed like the right time to move the carnival to a blog setting, where we'll be able to easily implement some of the features you requested in our call for suggestions, such as an RSS Feed.

Afarensis and Krystal D'Costa will be co-administrating the carnival going forward. Please bear with us while we get the house in order, but feel free to make yourself at home. We'd love to hear your suggestions as well.